Boost your existing electric tank or install a complete split system.

The heat pipe solar collector array utilises vacuum tubes to transfer heat into the manifold across the top. The hot water can then be circulated through a tank for storage. This system can be connected to an existing Solar Ready Hot Water Tank, or purchased with a retrofitted hot water storage tank.
* Highest efficiency vacuum tubes available
* Each tube 58mm diameter x 1800mm long
* 24 tube or 30 Tube array
* All components made from stainless steel, including bolts
* Supplied with stainless steel feet which 'rock' to suit roof angle
* Can be connected to your existing Tank

Kit Includes:
*  1 x 5W Brushless Circulating Pump -
DC brushless motor with energy efficient micro-processor control
Soft start control to reduce in-rush current, good for use with PV    panel Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller & fine ceramic shaft
Long life, brushless pump provides 30,000hr life expectancy
Rated for continuous operation
Automatic over load protection
Automatic over temperature protection
Automatic run dry protection
Low or no maintenance
Low power consumption
Voltage : 8VDC - 24VDC (standard, 12V DC)
Max flow rate : 12L/Min
Max water head : 4.5M
Fitting : 1/2" BSP / NPT male inlet & outlet
Max system pressure : 10Bar
Max working temperature : 110Deg C

*  1 x 20W Photovoltaic Solar Panel 20W, 0.6AMP, 16.8V Max, Aluminium Frame
*  1 x Control Board


24 Tube system - $2000
30 Tube System  - $2300
24 Tube system with a 250 L Tank $3000
30 Tube system with a 350 L Tank $3500

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