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Solar Hot Water Systems Queensland

Do you live in North Queensland, Australia?

Do you need a top quality Solar Hot Water system and you also want to save heaps of money?

Yes and Yes?

Congratulations, you have found the perfect website for all of your requirements.

We sell and install modern technology Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Hot Water Systems.

Need a Solar Hot Water System Kit?

As well as doing full service Solar Hot Water System installations, Piping Hot Solar also has Solar Hot Water Kits For Sale.

Solar Hot Water Systems in Kit form.

These "Solar Hot WaterSystem Kits" can be sent anywhere in Queensland and come complete with detailed Set Up and Installation instructions.

Solar Hot Water FNQ

Solar Hot Water Installations

We offer professional qualified Solar Hot Water system installations in North Queensland and FNQ only, from the • Daintree in the north, down south through • Cairns, • Innisfail to • Mission Beach QLD, and out to • Chillagoe and • Mt Garnet in the west.

As you can see, our "Service Area" is quite extensive.


Our Solar Hot Water systems come with a 6 year warranty (* conditions do apply). For some parts, the warranty is 12 months. (See more warranty info here)

Tank Sizes

We offer the following tank sizes: (see discounted pricing here)

Save Money

Start saving money today while sunlight is still free.

Contact us and see how we can help you.

Ask me HOW TO save over $1,000 a year off your hot water bill.
Solar Hot Water FNQSolar Hot Water FNQ
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 Solar Hot Water FNQSolar Hot Water FNQSolar Hot Water FNQ