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Customer Service

Customer Service Statement

  • Piping Hot Solar Pty Ltd is herein called The Company
  • You or Your is herein called The Customer

This policy is designed for our customers. It advises customers what to expect when contacting "The Company" and the standard of customer service they can expect to receive.

Policy Statement

"The Company" is committed to ensuring that customer service excellence is an integral part of the planning, delivery and after sales service of our business.

When customers access "The Company" services they will receive consistently excellent standards of customer service and this policy will ensure that all sections of our diverse community are able to access services.

This policy recognises development in technology and the opportunities for customers to contact "The Company" and access services digitally (via our websites or via emails).

Whilst this policy is concerned with service standards, "The Company" has a specific policy for dealing with compliments, concerns and complaints which is available via the website or from The Customer Services Team.

This Compliments, Concerns and Complaints Policy below guides customers through the processes for passing on a compliment about a service, expressing a concern or suggestion about a service and when a customer is dissatisfied with a service, the process to follow to make a complaint.

Guiding Principles

When customers contact "The Company" we will:

  • Identify ourselves
  • Be helpful and courteous
  • Be professional and positive
  • Be well informed, so that we are able to help you
  • Be effective in listening and responding
  • Be fair and support individual needs
  • Take appropriate action if applicable

Development of The Customer Service policy

In developing The Customer Service policy, "The Company" has sought to.

  • Set standards which are user friendly, customer focused and measurable
  • Clearly state how employees should behave when dealing with customers
  • Set performance targets which can be reviewed regularly
  • Give consideration to legislation, good practice and national standards
  • Ensure employees are equipped to deliver services taking into account equality and diversity so that all members of our diverse community can access services in a manageable way.

General principles when dealing with customers

  • Immediately identify The Customer by name
  • Immediately identify The Customers concerns or needs, whether using the telephone, email or other method
  • Identify and address any specific requirements with sensitivity, tact and diplomacy
  • Record customer contact details accurately
  • Ensure that the nature of The Customer's enquiry is understood clearly
  • Resolve enquiries at first contact where possible
  • Respond to the correspondence in English only
  • Keep the lines of communication open with customers and keep them informed
  • Social media will NOT be an accepted way of communication

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

Under no circumstances what-so-ever will any verbal agreement, statement, discussion, contract or other by which the medium of "conversation" is via "Social Media" be valid or have any legal substance.

Any and ALL agreements must be via written, signed and witnessed applicable contracts.

Digital Correspondence

  • WE DO NOT acknowledge ANY digital correspondence via Social media (e.g. Facebook and Tweets etc)
  • ALL legal correspondence must be by email or letter
  • Any correspondence by phone is to be considered as Information Only and not as any binding correspondence
  • We will respond ASAP to digital correspondence such as emails on the "Contact" form on our website as soon as possible but no longer than 5 working days of receipt
  • We will respond to any correspondence in English only
  • All outgoing e-mails from "The Company", we will include the standard signatory template giving contact details of the author


  • We will answer the telephone ASAP.
  • Please also allow that sometimes we may be "off site" or "out in the boonies" where telephone reception is not reliable.
  • Greet The Customer in a polite and courteous manner.

Written communication

  • Respond to all written communication within 5 working days of receipt.
  • Respond to the correspondence in English to match the original communication.
  • There may be occasions when a full response cannot be given within the time scale. This is unavoidable but there is still a requirement to keep The Customer informed by making contact or sending a holding response. This can give an expected date for a full response or give the reason why a full response cannot be given.
  • Ensure the presentation of all written correspondence is easy to understand (in plain English), professional and accurate.
  • Include a contact name and telephone number, together with any other information needed (e.g. reference number) to assist The Customer.

Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

We are open to receiving feedback from customers and where appropriate use this feedback to improve services.

We will:

  • Pass comments and suggestions on to our managers, so that they may improve the service.
  • Ensure compliments are recorded and shared with colleagues.
  • Be aware of "The Company's" procedure for dealing with compliments, concerns and complaints.
  • Aim to resolve all concerns raised by customers immediately and informally wherever possible.
  • If informal resolution is not successful, tell The Customer they can make a formal complaint, and help them to do so.
  • In the case of a serious complaint, contact our Company Directors directly.
  • To contact us for any reason, please use our Contact Us form.

When you contact "The Company" with a complaint, please supply us with the following information:

Please be civil, calm and articulate so that we can best help you resolve any issues ASAP.

  • » Your name or the name of the contact person we need to speak with
  • » Work Order number
  • » Your full address
  • » The contact persons phone numbers, home, office, mobile please
  • » Specify the type of work you requested to be done
  • » The name of the specific worker or workers involved (if applicable)
  • » The specific nature of the complaint (please be articulate as there is not a lot we can do with 2 or 3 word sentences and we are not psychic)
  • Contact us here if you need help.

What we expect from our customers

In times of trouble or distress, some people may act out of character when contacting "The Company". This may be caused by upsetting or distressing circumstances leading up to a customer contacting "The Company".

"The Company" believes that all customers have the right to be heard, understood and respected.

However, "The Company" expects customers to be polite and courteous in all dealings with "The Company", regardless of the situation.

If you have a genuine complaint, please be civil when you contact us and we will respond ASAP.

Abuse and Police

"The Company" will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour, unreasonable demands or unreasonable persistence:

  • This includes any threat, abuse or harassment towards "The Company" employees - including on Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc) which will be reported to the police.

Any explicit or implied threat of any kind of physical or other violence will always be reported to the police.


In almost all cases when people ring us up and complain, they have called the wrong company.

Please make sure that you bought your solar system from Piping Hot Solar before you call us with any complaints.


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