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Refund Policy


See How To Return below

30 Days

* Conditions Apply

Delivery / Courier / Postage fee is not included.

30 day refund if in original boxes in original condition, undamaged.

Item must be returned at purchasers cost.

This means that you must pay for the return of the item - plus - there is no refund on the delivery fee or courier fee.

Restocking Fee

A restocking fee of 20% will also apply.

Why the restocking fee?

Because sometimes people drop or damage the pipes and they think that if they send the box back "unopened", then they will get a full refund.

This is why we must do a manual inspection of ALL returned kits and verify that system and parts are not faulty or damaged.

Sometimes people order a new "product" and then replace a "part" from the new kit with an older damaged or broken "part" that they have.

The 20% covers the time to check the system and reboxing.

Broken or Damaged Parts

If any of the parts are broken, then the replacement parts will be deducted from the refund (on top of the 20%).

How to Return Items?

  1. Make sure that the Solar SHW Kits is not what you want
  2. CONTACT US before you send anything and get a RETURN ORDER NUMBER
  3. This RETURN ORDER NUMBER "must be" written on the return address
  4. Call us to advise that you are sending the item back to us
  5. Advise us of the method of HOW you are sending this item (Aust Post, courier, other)
  6. Call us after your have sent the item to advise that the item has been sent

See info about Restocking Fee here.



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Solar Hot Water Kits Solar Hot Water Kits
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