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Roof Solar Hot Water Systems

Our Solar Hot Water Roof systems are capable of running on mains water or gravity feed and are available with pitched /\ or flat _ roof mounting options.

Systems Include:

  • Electric heating element
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Filling system
  • "Wetback" in and outlets
  • 500 Kpa pressure reducing valve

The system is fully 304 Stainless Steel Construction with frame powder coated over the stainless steel to add more durability in coastal areas and a 316 stainless steel interior tank.

Added option to pipe additional heat into the tank from other devices such as "Wetback".

The "Heat Tank" is isolated from the mains by a 30 metre copper heat exchanger coil, so you never have to worry about water containing bacteria.

Split Systems

We also offer "split" Solar Hot Water systems which can also use Gas or Electricity and are useful for cloudy days.

  • Click here for more info on our Gas / Solar Hot Water Split systems.
  • Click here for more info on our Electric / Solar Split systems.
  • Click here for more info on our Wood / Solar Hot Water Split systems. ** Note that wood heaters can no longer be connected to Solar Hot Water systems, but wood stoves with wetback connectors can still be connected.

How it works

The water within the coil is heated by passing through a body of very hot water that's been heated by the Evacuated Glass Tube solar collectors, which means zero carbon emissions.

This technology is effective even on overcast days.

Water is heated directly within the Evacuated Glass Tubes so there is no loss of energy.

Heated water rises from the Evacuated Glass Tubes into the storage cylinder displacing cooler water from the storage cylinder into the Evacuated Glass Tubes to be heated by the thermosiphon.

The high temperature hot water generated by the Evacuated Glass Tubes is stored within the insulated storage cylinder and is used to heat cold water instantly as it travels through a long copper coil within the storage cylinder.

The stored heat of the thermal mass of the water in storage cylinder is exchanged to the water within the copper coil whenever a hot water tap is opened.

The pressure from the Solar Hot Water system will be the same as your existing cold water pressure.

This design is known as Solar Heat Exchange and is the most simple and reliable means available to capture the sun's energy to heat water.

  • Approved Australian Standards Design
  • "Wetback" connections to boost from your slow combustion stove
  • Can make hot water even on cold and overcast days
  • Electric booster is included
  • Frost protected to minus 25 degrees Celsius
  • The Evacuated Glass Tubes can withstand up to 35mm hail
  • Theromsiphon simple - no circulating pump required
  • No loss of water pressure
  • Suits mains water pressure, bore water, tank water and low pressure water situations

Domestic or Commercial Applications

Piping Hot Solar Pty Ltd offers you a range of Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Hot Water solutions to suit any situation.

Tank sizes and price info is here.

For larger requirements, multiple Solar Hot Water Systems and tanks can also be Daisy Chained together in a manifold.

  • Low pressure stainless tank with a high pressure heat exchange coil.

The water in the storage tank is separate to the water used at the tap. When hot water is needed, cold water enters the submerged 30 metre x 14 mm copper heat exchange coil which runs down the centre of the tank and extracts the heat from the stored water instantly and exits the tank hot.

Having a low pressure tank means that the system can also be connected to a wood stove booster and also alleviates the issue of a PTR valve dumping heat from the tank once it reaches 100 C. The excess energy is vented to atmosphere via a open 19mm (3/4") fitting.

  • Wet tubes use the sun's energy to directly heat the water in the tubes.

The tubes are full of water and sealed to the storage tank using a triple silicon O-ring. The sun heats the water in the tubes directly - thus causing the heated water to thermosiphon into the storage tank. So no need for pumps or controllers.

  • Ideal for "Wetback" Wood Stoves.

To connect a wood stove with a "Wetback", the tank must be open to atmosphere. Since fire is an unregulated heat source, any wood burning system cannot be under pressure.

The close coupled system have flow and return ports built into the tank so a wood stove can be directly connected without the use of an external heat exchanger.

  • Eliminates unnecessary boosting
  • Great flexibility for boosting options

Solar Hot Water FNQ

Booster Options

  • Electric element boosted
  • Gas instantaneous boosted.
  • Wood fire Stove boosted**

Pre heat system to either an existing electric or gas storage system.

  • Best suited to metal roofs but may also be adapted to most tiled or shingled roofs.

The closed couple Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Hot Water systems come with either a 10 degree pitching frame for pitched roofs, or a 20 degree pitching frame for flat roofs.

A tiled roof can be suitable but extra care is needed in mounting the frame as the weight on the roof can crack the tiles.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when installing Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Hot Water Systems, and this is why we recommend that you get your Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Hot Water System installed by a professional.

We do recommend metal top hat battens and also special long threaded bolts to mount to all roof types.

Got Frost? No problems

Our units are suitable for high frost areas.

Our Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Hot Water Systems are frost resistant to Negative 30 C.

Hail Resistant

  • Resistant to 32mm Hail


  • 6 year manufacturers warranty on tanks frames and tubes. *

See more warranty info here.


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