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NQ Solar Hot Water NQ Solar Hot WaterWatermark Certified and CE Certified
NQ Solar Hot Water


All of our Solar Hot Water systems comply with Australian standards and have both the Australian "Watermark" certification as well as the internationally recognized CE certification.

Our Solar Hot Water systems are all high quality Evacuated Glass Tube systems using stainless steel tanks, copper manifolds and heat exchangers.

All units receive a 6 year warranty on the tank, tubes, manifold and frame.

Other Parts Warranties

The warranty on the pumps, controllers and fill kits are all the Australian Govt stipulated 12 months.

Pump Info

The pumps we use are rated** for 10,000 working hours and given that most pumps will only work approx 2-4 hours a day, you should get a long working life from your pump.

Lets do some simple math, shall we.

Lets say that the pump works 4 hours a day x 365 days a year.

10,000 hours ÷ 365 days ÷ 4 hours == 6.8 years before a replacement "may" be required.

If your pump works less than 4 hours a day, then the pump is rated to last much longer.

** RATED for 10,000 hours does not mean that it stops exactly at 10,000 hours and may (and often does) go for many hundreds of hours longer. (sometimes thousands of hours)


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NQ Solar Hot Water NQ Solar Hot Water
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